“Liz Rocks” Group Working to Get Outdoor Climbing Wall Built

A group of friends and family of Tacoma professional mountaineer Liz Daley is working to get an outdoor climbing wall built in her memory.

Daley passed away at the age of 29 in an avalanche while snowboarding in Argentina in 2014. The group wants to honor her memory, and inspire others to "Live Like Liz" by building a state of the art bouldering/climbing wall, open to the public, in Tacoma.

The "Liz Rocks" campaign is working on two fronts: they're working with Metro Parks to get the wall included in master plans for Point Defiance Park, and they're working to raise the funds to pay for it.

Through a variety of efforts the LRC will raise sufficient funds needed to design, locate and construct a rock climbing/bouldering wall. The LRC plans to provide a natural looking structure available to climbers of all levels. Our goal is to create a state of the art, industry leading climbing facility best suited for outdoor public use. The end result will give the community another outdoor activity that they can enjoy with friends and family.   

In a letter to the organization, posted on their website, Metro Parks Chief Planning Manager, Doug Fraser expresses support for the project, although he does say that Metro Parks will keep open for consideration a secondary location in Swan Creek Park. Fraser's letter references the old Camp 6 area, now being referred to as the Baker Tract, where plans at this point include some sort of "adventure-recreation facility" as a possible location for the wall.

According to the Tacoma Weekly, the group's fundraising goal is $145,000. They're roughly half-way there, with about $75,000 in donations raised so far. Want to help build the climbing wall? You can donate to the group's GoFundMe page or make a tax-deductible donation to the Liz Rocks Fund through the Greater Metro Parks Foundation. The group also held a fundraiser in September, and plans to do so again.

Read more about Liz, and about plans for the wall in her honor at lizrocks.com. Hat tip to the Tacoma Weekly for the story. Read their coverage here.

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