Lobster Shop Closing, Tacoma Beer Week, & Other Updates

The News Tribune reports that the Lobster Shop out at Dash Point will be closing next month. The other restaurants in the Lobster Shop family, including Tanglewood Grill in Gig Harbor and Boathouse 19, will stay open. The Lobster Shop on Ruston Way is currently temporarily for a remodel, but plans are to reopen those doors on the 28th of this month. The Dash Point location will continue to serve dinner through March 15.

In other food and drink goings-on around town, Cafe Vincero posted this on their Facebook page earlier this week:

Plumbing final inspection....PASSED. Oh it's on...it's so on. NEXT! Knockin em down one at a time baby. Chairs ordered today, they ship Monday. Although we might be out of coffee by the time we open if I have to keep "testing" the machine!

The restaurant, which plans to open soon at 714 Pacific Avenue, is sharing regular progress updates on that Facebook page.

And speaking of establishments opening soon at the north end of Pacific, Pacific Brewing & Malting Co is moving towards its revised opening date sometime this spring. The last update on progress there was that they had building permits and would keep us posted. If you can't wait for a taste, you can try a collaborative beer they were a part of at Tacoma Beer Week at Narrows Brewing, beginning March 3.

What, you hadn't heard about Tacoma Beer Week? Well, you might want to check out their Facebook page, and keep your calendar open for the first week of March...

Welcome to the official Faceplace for the inaugural Tacoma Beer Week! In true boot-strappy, skin-of-our-teeth South Sound style, we are pulling this together with no budget, no time and no infrastructure. And in true South Sound style, we will triumph through community! 

We'd be much obliged if you could like, share, cross-post and create a general ruckus to help us get this show on the road. In return, we will do our best to rustle up some fun content ahead of the festivities. And of course, all of your buzz will motivate our brewers to create some wicked good, extra special beers exclusively for Tacoma Beer Week

We're so pleased to have you all along for the ride! -z

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