Marty Campbell Enters The City Council Game

Local business leader Marty Campbell’s eye on Evan’s City Council seat was one of the worst kept secrets in town.  Now, it’s no longer a secret.  It’s official.  He’s in the game…

Also, here’s a link to Marty’s interview at The Tacoma Daily Index

Tacoma — Marty Campbell, Tacoma Community leader, entrepreneur, and Arts Advocate, announced his candidacy for Tacoma City Council today.

“I want to talk to every Tacoman about their concerns and how the City can improve its service to each of its citizens. We need a leader to drive this conversation towards results. I have the experience and leadership to engage community partners and citizens toward solutions” Campbell said.

With his unique experience in business, non-profit and neighborhood organizations Campbell understands the high level of commitment needed to serve on the Council. As the owner of two successful neighborhood businesses for over a decade, Stadium Video and Buzzard’s Discs, Campbell will be the voice for small business and economic development on the City Council.

Campbell is running for position eight, the city-wide seat which will be vacated by fellow small business owner Bill Evans, whose term will expire in 2008.

“We need successful small business owners on city council. Councilmember Evans needs to be replaced with a leader from the small business community. With his qualifications, Marty has demonstrated the leadership that we need,” Dawn Lucien, a local community advocate, said.

Campbell built a strong record as a local leader. He is now serving his second term as President of the Downtown Merchants Group and his first term as Chair of the New Tacoma Neighborhood Council.  In his role as a neighborhood advocate, Campbell helped organize several community events, including the Eastside One Voice Festival and the upcoming Tall Ships Festival 2008. By holding public forums and inviting leaders and concerned citizens, he has set a new standard for community problem solving.

Campbell understands the value of a healthy community and partnerships now and for the future of Tacoma. He confronted crime head on, working with local police and neighbors to clean up trouble areas. He led concerned citizens, driving out drug dealers and gangs from Tacoma Avenue and the area around South 9th Street. Campbell continues to work to make crime prevention a priority in the city.

With his service on the board of The Grand Cinema, the board of The Tacoma Film Club, and as the Vice Chair of Tacoma Arts Community, Campbell and his colleagues foster the local arts by bringing attention to their importance in Tacoma.

Photo by Trina Jones Photography

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