Mayor & Others Ask Public to Lobby Against JBLM Cuts

Mayor Strickland, Councilmember Thoms, and other public figures are asking the public to help lobby to keep reductions at Joint Base Lewis-McChord to a minimum in upcoming military cuts. Last week the Mayor issued a request for public involvement, which Thoms echoed at last night's City Council meeting.

The proposed cuts - about 16,000 military and civilian jobs - come as the Army looks to reduce its forces significantly in the next few years. An assessment of how those reductions might be done included the proposed cuts here and across the country.

The loss of that many jobs in our area would certainly have an impact on the local economy, and that's what the Mayor and others want the public to communicate to the Army.

“The men and women who serve our country out of JBLM are vital to our community,” said Strickland. “They are valued members of our neighborhoods, and customers of our businesses. They generously volunteer for charities, have families to support and are caregivers. These job reductions could result in negative impacts to our schools, the housing market, and local economy."

Other communities have successfully used public comment opportunities to fight reductions in forces in their areas - the City press release notes that Fort Polk, Louisiana lost only 250 positions after its public advocated for retaining positions. We're on a short timeline to comment - the Army public comment period closes Monday, August 25. Find details on how to comment via snail mail or online in the press release.

Will you be writing a letter?

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Isn’t reduced military spending supposed to be the goal?  Assuming that’s so (and I would argue strongly that it is) shouldn’t we be willing to shoulder our fair share of some of the negative results that come from policies that make the country as a whole stronger?

August 21, 2014 at 3:28 pm / Reply / Quote and reply

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Doug Andreassen

I would agree with Squid. This type of political diatribe that pass’s the responsibility to everyone else in a effort to reduce military spending is a irresponsible ask by our City Council. Just like the Postal Service asking to reduce the number of post offices and employees in a effort to balance the massive debt they carry and the congress members tell the post office they can not reduce employees or buildings in their districts and or states, yet they must find ways to cut costs else where.
While we all recognize the economic impact of the military in Pierce County/Tacoma and the surrounding areas, lets take the responsible action, raise our hand and say YES, we support reduced military spending, WE support finding a way to balance the Federal budget and WE have elected leaders that lead and do not add to the deficit by proposing these types of requests. What has happened to this nation, is summed up this way, we have become a nation of tribes and not one of UNITED states.. sad really !

August 21, 2014 at 4:28 pm / Reply / Quote and reply

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