Milgard Foundation Gives $1 Million to Nativity House

Tacoma's Nativity House is $1 million closer to a $5 million fundraising goal, thanks to the Milgard Foundation.

Nativity House is a local nonprofit, now part of Catholic Community Services, offering a daytime shelter and community shelter for people experiencing homelessness.

The News Tribune reports that the Milgard Foundation donation will go to the campaign to fund construction of a New Nativity House at South 14th and Yakima. The New Nativity House will be home to CCS's Tacoma Avenue Shelter and Hospitality Kitchen, as well as the Nativity House program. The TNT reports that the facility will also have 50 apartment units for people transitioning to permanent housing. The total cost of the new shelter will be $13.5 million, with $11 million covered by government grants and tax credits, and $2.5 million from donations like the Milgard one. The rest of the $5 million goal will go to a program to provide mental health, education, and employment services.

If the generosity of the Milgard Foundation inspires you to get involved, you're just in time for the 22nd Annual Nativity House Gala Fundraising Auction, scheduled for February 22 at the Landmark Convention Center. Learn more here.

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