Most Endangered Historic Properties

The Washington Trust for Historic Preservation has announced its call for nominations to the 2012 Most Endangered Historic Properties List. Inclusion on the list provides support and technical assistance for attempts to preserve historic structures. The Washington Trust also hopes the list will draw attention to larger issues of preservation. Nominations for the 2012 awards are due by January 16th, 2012.

Old City Hall was, not surprisingly, listed on the 2011 list, and would certainly qualify again this year. Old City Hall was constructed in 1893; that’s almost 120 years ago. We’re wondering what buildings are being constructed this year that we will want to see preserved in the year 2130. Look around town – what structures should be listed as endangered on this year’s list? But also, what have we constructed in recent years that you would hope to see still standing in 120 years?

Read more or nominate a structure on the Washington Trust website.

Last May the Daily Index did a nice write up of Pierce County properties previously listed, read more on their website.

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