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National Drone Debate Comes to Pacific Lutheran University

PLU has what sounds like a pretty intense debate planned for this evening:

Tacoma, Wash.- According to Columbia Law School’s Human Rights Institute, drone strikes kill 50 civilians per every one terrorist. Drone policy has become a hot button issue in the public sphere and the T.O.H Karl Forensics Forum at Pacific Lutheran University is bringing that discussion to students and community members of Tacoma.

The Forensics Forum is excited to announce the Ruth Anderson Public Debate series, which will bring experts to the campus to discuss contemporary issues relevant to the community. The inaugural Public Debate will take place on December 4th, at 7 p.m. in the Scandinavian Cultural Center in the Anderson University Center.

The 2013 Ruth Anderson Public Debate topic is: The U.S. drone program is fatally flawed.

This debate topic will address remotely piloted aircraft, or drones, that have become an increasingly popular weapon under the Obama administration. Many analysts note that drones effectively eliminate threats abroad without risking soldiers’ lives. However, many critics worry that the use of drones undermines the separation of powers by placing the oversight of these combat instruments in the executive branch of government. Other critics argue that drones increase collateral damage, which undermine our diplomatic goals. This raises the question, are drones helpful to U.S. foreign policy?

To answer this question, the debate will feature two experts on U.S. Drone policy: Pacific Lutheran University’s own Dr. Pauline Kaurin, professor of Philosophy and University of Puget Sound’s Dr. Seth Weinberger, professor of Politics and Government.

This event will end at approximately 8:30pm and is free to all members of the public. Space is limited to 200 people so attendees should arrive early!

Established in 1894, Pacific Lutheran University’s forensics program is committed to enhancing the dialogue around the campus and local community in matters of public concern. T.O.H Karl is a legacy program and a cornerstone of forensics history.

Whichever side of the issue you stand on, or maybe you're on the fence, it sounds like an informative conversation. You can follow the event live online and tweet questions and cast your vote via @PLUdebate.

Maybe the conversation tonight will change your mind, maybe it will confirm your position. Any preliminary thoughts?

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