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New Development for the Foss?

The Foss Waterway Development Authority is exploring new ways of marketing some of the still underdeveloped land along the Foss.

The News Tribune reports that the FWDA is turning its attention to two narrow parcels just south of the Murray Morgan Bridge, and a third just north of the bridge. According to the TNT the Authority is seeking state grant money to fund a study of how to best market the two south parcels. The FWDA could be taking proposals from developers on that north site this summer.

In 2012 there was excitement over a possible distillery on the Foss, followed by disappointment when the Copper & Kings Distillery went with another location.

The locations clearly aren't for everyone, with challenges of the area's industrial history, and challenges around parking and environmental clean-up to consider, but it's looking better than it did. Especially with the progress we've seen elsewhere along the waterway. 

The new and improved Johnny's Seafood has re-opened, construction is well underway on The Henry, and plans are in the works for a new play area, not to mention the float plane dock, a renovated Foss Waterway Seaport, and great dining options at the Social and Paesan Kitchen. Parts of the west side of the Foss is are looking pretty good.

What else would you like to see in the future of the east side of the waterway?

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Trees.  I’d like to see a nice row of Douglas firs to buffer the Foss from the intensive industrial uses to the east.  The City Council should also update zoning on the east side of the Foss to promote public access to the waterfront—an opportunity they failed to seize north of 11th a couple of years ago.

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The sites in question are on the west shoreline, not the east shoreline.

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