New Grocery Store for NE Tacoma

Early this year the Dowtown City Grocer IGA closed its doors at 13th and Pacific after a couple of unprofitable years.

Next month a full service IGA grocer will open at 1000 Town Center NE in Brown's Point. It will be the first grocery store in that part of Tacoma (other than the QFC, which is practically in Federal Way) in a decade. 

The News Tribune reports that Lighthouse IGA plans to open its doors April 16, complete with deli, bakery, wine, beer, and spirits. It will be managed by the Myers Group, which also managed the recently closed dowtown grocer. Other upgrades are planned for the shopping center the grocery store will anchor, which the property owners hope will attract other new businesses. Read more from the TNT. You can also follow the Lighthouse Grocer on Facebook - they just joined four hours ago, so no updates yet...

Will Brown's Point make a better home for a full service grocer than downtown Tacoma did?

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Weyland Duir

Happy Dance and enthusiastic welcome to Lighthouse IGA and the great property owners who are investing in the Browns Point area to bring back our Town Center gathering place!  We are rolling out the red carpet to welcome them to our community, where they will receive a much better home than did downtown Tacoma.  Folks have been stopping by the place continually asking for updates as remodeling has progressed.

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