New Pot Tour Takes Visitors Through Legal Grey Area

There's a new tour option in town; the Tacoma Cannabis Tour offers a guided tour of the marijuana industry in Tacoma.

It's a new offering from Angela Jossy, who hosts other tours of local attractions, including a Third Thursday Art Bus tour. This tour is a little different, though, as it invites visitors to learn about an industry that exists in a bit of a legal grey area - legal under Washington State, but not federal law.

The tour promises to "help to demystify the topic and show people where to obtain marijuana and supplies legally," addressing related questions with talks from experts in Washington's marijuana industry.

* Where is it grown?
* Should I get a prescription? What does it help with?
* What accessories do I need?
* What are the different types of marijuana and what is the difference between them?
* Where can I buy it for recreational purposes?
* Where can I smoke it?

The tour stops at local marijuana businesses, and participants will also get to view a display of locally hand-blown glass pipes (a nod to Tacoma's glass arts community?), and hear from a local doctor about the process of obtaining a prescription for medical marijuana. The News Tribune wrote about the first tour last weekend, and there's a second planned for the first week of December. Learn more here.

Yes, marijuana was legalized in Washington. Yes, we like efforts that show off what's unique about Tacoma and support local businesses. Yes, Jossy seems to be doing a good job of respecting the rules and regulations in place. But still we have to ask: how do you feel about this tour of Tacoma?

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