New Puyallup Tribal Justice Center

Here’s a little more on the new Puyallup Tribal Justice Center, which has two items on this week’s City Council agenda.

The Justice Center has been in the works for several years now, and will be completed in three phases.

  • Phase I – an $8.8 million, 20,327 square-foot correctional facility (In progress)

  • Phase II – a $4.5 million, 12,354 square-foot police operations & public safety facility

  • Phase III – a $6.8 million, 16,868 square-foot tribal courts facility

The project goal, as listed in a grant award summary, reads as follows:

To construct a 46 bed correctional facility serving the native population within the jurisdiction of the Puyallup Tribe of Indians which in its design and operation is responsive to the traditional cultural values of this community and meets the relevant federal standards for safe and secure facilities. Tribal commitment for future operations is documented.

Phase one of the project will be largely funded by the $8.8 million federal Department of Justice grant with a 10% tribal contribution. The Tribe has documented a commitment to fund future operations once the facility is completed. Construction is scheduled to wrap up in January 2013, with a grand opening planned for next April.


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