Off the Market: Three Tacoma Schools

Three Tacoma schools that were up for sale are back off the market.

The News Tribune reports that Tacoma Public Schools has pulled listings for McKinley, Wainwright, and Willard school buildings.

Wainwright will get rebuilt by 2016 as a part of the recently passed $500 million schools bond. Willard will be home to a district program that offers free screenings to help identify students with disabilities. McKinley will once again have students in its halls and classrooms, on at least a temporary basis, while other schools around the district are being rebuild with those bond funds.

We wrote last November that Historic Tacoma had placed the McKinley School building on its watch list of at-risk historic structures. At this point we still don't see any word on whether there is a longer-term plan for the historic school building. We'll hope this is a no-news-is-good-news kind of situation for McKinley.

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The preservation of these older well-built schools is a real plus for the community.

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