On the Market: English Country Cottage Near Garfield Park

Last year, when our pup was still a true pup, we would walk down to “Garfield Park”: to play ball with him off leash. One day a big malamute walked into the park sans owners and sat down near us to watch us play ball. For fifteen minutes the dog watched us playing while showing a subtle indifference to the whole thing. He seemed intrigued, but not overly eager to join in. Finally, I toss the ball in front of him. He looked down, grabbed our pup’s favorite ball, and ran like a banshee out of hell through the gate and down the street. Our pup yelped and looked at me. I grabbed his leash and we took off running. We found the malamute a few blocks away in the front yard of (what we assume to be) his house surrounded by dog toys. A few treats later we had our ball back.

The point of this story is… there is no point to the story, but here is a decent looking house in a great neighborhood nearly right across the street from Garfield Park. We’ve walked past this house for years. The landscaping is amazing and the architecture is interesting. If we ignore the lavender tones of the trim, we kinda like it.

Listed by Remax, but they don’t seem to have the listing on their site yet. So here’s the listing elsewhere

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