Opening Today: Savor Tacoma Creperie

We were fortunate to get a sneak preview of the menu for the new Savor Tacoma Creperie before their soft opening today, and it was good. Really good. We’ve had our fair share of mediocre crepes, and we’re happy to report that the menu at Savor is anything but. The crepes themselves are flavorful, with good texture. The fillings – both sweet and savory – are generous helpings of quality ingredients. The combinations are creative, and well thought-out.

The restaurant space, is bright and classy. The chefs in the open kitchen wear sharp white hats. Local artwork hangs on the walls. Perfect for a quick work day lunch or a more leisurely Saturday brunch.

The ham and asparagus was a particular favorite – flavorful deli-style ham, and crisp, perfectly cooked asparagus, topped with gruyere and a light dijon mustard crème fraîche.

Drizzled with mocha sauce, filled with surprisingly light, just-sweet-enough bitter sweet chocolate whipped cream, this crepe reminded us a little bit of tiramisu.

This crepe version of a Monte Cristo answers the question of “sweet or savory?” with a sensible “why not both?”

Chicken, roasted sweet potato, balsamic reduction, rosemary, pecans… what’s not to love?

That’s crème de coconut and a drizzle of mango lime – think pina colada meets coconut cream pie.

Also on the menu are crepe scrambles filled with fluffy egg and other fresh ingredients, as well as a “liege waffle” that wasn’t ready for tasting on Friday, but which we’re looking forward to trying. And for those with more particular dining needs, there are several vegetarian options, as well as a gluten-free crepe that made us wonder if we hadn’t been slipped the real thing on accident (we hadn’t, it just tasted like it).

Savor is located downtown at 1916 Pacific Avenue. Hours: Monday through Friday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. / Saturday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. More info:

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