Original Pancake House to Open in Former Primo Grill Space

We wrote last week that Primo Grill had opened its doors for business in its new location at the corner of 6th Avenue and Oakes Street. Now we know what will be taking the old Primo place at 6th and Pine - it's going to be an Original Pancake House.

OPH menus, not surprisingly, focus on pancakes. Lots of pancakes. There's the traditional buttermilk, as well as buckwheat, Swedish, and chocolate chip pancakes. There are also more unique options, like coconut pancakes, homemade granola pancakes, and bacon buttermilk pancakes. Old fashioned house specialties include an apple pancake and a dutch baby There are other options as well - waffles, crepes, omelettes, biscuits and gravy, and so on. They boast all scratch ingredients. 

According to its website, the Oregon-based chain has more than 100 franchise locations across the US, and a few in Asia, as well - two in South Korea, one in Japan. An article from OregonLive last year gives an interesting brief history of the business, from the 1953 opening of the original OPH in southwest Portland, to more recent expansions, including its Asian locations. Apparently the original Original Pancake House won the affection of food writer and Portland native, James Beard, which launched its national reach.

According to The News Tribune, the franchise owners opening the Tacoma Original Pancake House also have locations in Maple Valley and South Hill. Aside from the main dining space, the Tacoma location will also have a conference space for meetings. The 6th and Pine location is expected to open in November, after a remodel that will include closing off the kitchen.

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I used to go to the original location on Barbur Blvd in Portland all the time when I worked close by.  This place is a Portland institution - right up there with McMenamins, Burgerville, McCormick & Schmick’s (Jake’s Famous Crawfish).

I can’t wait to get me some banana pancakes - one of my top restaurant dishes I miss from back home.

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