Our Top 10 Most Read Stories in 2015

We've reached the final day the year. On this day we reflect and look back at what we wrote and what you read. It was a big year for us. Exit133 hit the 10 year mark. We had some huge stories. This list reflects the stories that you read most. Thankfully, you've finally pushed the Sonic, Carl's Jr., and Chick-Fil-A stories off the top 10 list. Those stuck around way longer than we ever expected. No matter how much we love ANOTHER story about McMenamins or the Kalakala, I think #10 may be our favorite. 

10: A Monkeyshines Proposal

Anything involving Monkeyshines always gets some attention. It's fun to read about, it makes people happy. And this one had romance thrown into the mix. We were fortunate to be a part of a very special moment for a Tacoma couple - a proposal... involving a Monkeyshine.

9: German Beer Hall Coming to Stadium District

Aside from Monkeyshines, apparently one of Tacoma's other favorite things to read about is beer. Especially the prospect of new and interesting venues for consuming it. The news of a German-style beer hall coming to the space behind Stadium Thriftway got people's attention. A patio, beer, and bocce courts - what's not to like? While it hasn't opened yet (original news had a tentative opening date of summer 2016), as far as we know, the deal is still on - Titus Will moved out of their space earlier this year, leaving it open for the next occupants...


8. 6th & pine Starbucks Closes

The closure of the Starbucks at the heart of the 6th Ave business district caught people off-guard. They seemed to pack up and shutter the windows practically over night, leaving nothing but a pack of rumors swirling in their wake. We haven't heard a peep to suggest any of those rumors are any more than speculation, but we're keeping our ears open. For now the departure of the Starbucks leaves a vacancy at this prominent corner location. We're hoping for news of something good there in 2016.


7. The end of the Monkeyshines cycle. Or is it?

2015 marked the end of the 12 year Chinese zodiac cycle that began with the year of the monkey back in 2004. That was the first year Monkeyshines appeared in the planters, public art, and other hiding places around Tacoma. We were confident that it would last for the full 12 year cycle, but there was always the question of whether Ms Monkey and her team would continue the tradition, or wrap it up neatly after a dozen years of magic...



6. Pay Parking in Proctor

Parking stories in general seem to get people in Tacoma fired up, and this one in particular got some attention, possibly because of its proximity to the controversial 28 Proctor The Proctor Proctor Station development.

5. Say Farewell to the Kalakala

This was the year the long saga of the Kalakala came to a sad end. The once glamorous ferry boat met an unglamorous end, cut up into pieces and hauled off for whatever scrap metal or keepsakes were left of her. We got to say goodbye with a drone's-eye view of her last days, edited together with historic shots of the ferry in her glory days.


4. 7 Seas Brewing Expanding Into Tacoma’s Historic Heidelberg Brewery

Another great beer story, and this one was pretty big. Local brewer 7 Seas planning a move that will put the "brewery" back in Tacoma's historic Brewery District. This makes beer fans and historic preservation buffs happy.


3. McMenamins Chosen to Develop Old City Hall

Speaking of historic preservation buffs and beer fans... Actually, this is big news for Tacoma in general. The long-empty, even longer-neglected Old City Hall is a treasure of Tacoma's past - and with the announcement that the McMenamins brothers plan to rehabilitate it, it could become a treasure of Tacoma's future as well. 


2. The Year of the Sheep - Monkeyshines 2015

Monkeyshines was bigger than ever in 2015, with more glass balls than ever, accompanied by works of art from other artists, and good works by Tacomans as they hunted. If this had been the final year, we certainly would have gone out on a high note. 


1. Sasquatch Hunter Hits the Streets of Tacoma .. Literally

Who knew monster trucks roaming tearing up the streets of downtown Tacoma would be such a big hit?


So that was 2015. We look forward to seeing what 2016 has in store. Happy New Year, Tacoma.

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