Planning Continues for Point Defiance Master Plan

Metro Parks Tacoma is in the middle of a series of public meetings that are part of the final phase of a master planning process to guide the future of Point Defiance Park.

The final Master Plan will be the finished product evolving out of the "concept plan" for the park developed over the last decade. A 2008 Concept Plan forms the basis of the current plan, outlining areas to get further attention. Last year Metro Parks staff developed a "program plan" laying out possibilities for the ideas expressed in the concept plan. The job now is to finalize the ideas from these early planning documents into one final Master Plan.

Metro Parks has held two well-attended public meetings in this final phase of the planning process, with two more to go. The first two meetings, held in February, focused on improvements planned for the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium, and improvements and new facilities to support programs and services within the park. 

The next meeting, scheduled for Thursday, March 26, will focus on circulation throughout the park - cars, bikes, pedestrians, etc. The final meeting, scheduled for Thursday, April 23, will be a chance for the public to review the Master Plan before it is presented to the Metro Parks Board.

Meanwhile Metro Parks is also moving forward on a Development Regulation Agreement with the City of Tacoma, which will streamline the multiple projects encompassed in the Master Plan under one application process. Learn more here.

For more insight on the Master Planning process to this point, see Metro Parks Tacoma's new PIO Michael Thompson's PIO Notes for February, and particularly his March notes, which contain a good summary  of the process to this point, along with quite a few helpful links to maps and other documents.

The Master Plan is a major undertaking. It will guide significant changes to a few corners of the park, and more subtle upgrades to the rest of it over the next 20 years. If you've got input, you can share it at the last two meetings, or don't wait, and share it online. And of course we'd love to hear your thoughts here as well.

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