Point Defiance Zoo Critters Get to Show Off in IBM Commercials

Tacoma's Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium recently partnered with IBM on a series of commercials featuring some of the zoo's more iconic residents. The commercials are a part of a series featuring organizations around the world that use IBM technologies to make smarter choices for their operations.

The polar bears glide through the water as the voiceover explains the connection between data and conservation at the zoo.

ET the walrus shows off his tricks as we hear about how the zoo has been using big data to understand attendance patterns and better connect with visitors.

As the zoo and aquarium look forward to upgrades thanks to the passage this week of Metro Parks Prop 1, it's kind of interesting to hear how Tacoma's zoo is making strategic decisions to improve operations. You can read more about the IBM partnership with Point Defiance and other organizations in Forbes, and more specifically about how the PDZ&A is using data on Wired.com, and IBM's own website.

And who knows; with the coming improvements to their habitats, maybe this is just the beginning of a modeling career for ET and his friends.

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