Possible Redemption for Filthy 15 Property

Back in 2005, the City of Tacoma created a list it called the Filthy Fifteen. Appearing on the list was a dubious distinction, to put it mildly. The list identified the 15 worst offenders when it came to properties that were out of compliance with City code, along with a description of their offenses and status on efforts to bring them back to compliance. It didn't last long. Most recent updates on the page are from 2006.

Now the Tacoma Daily Index reports that one of the addresses on that list could finally be seeing some development. The derelict two-story house at 811 South L Street was torn down several years ago at a cost of more than $27,000, and a lien placed on the property. In 2011 HomeStreet Bank acquired the property but the property, along with at least $40,000 in debt, if we're doing the math right.

The lot has never been redeveloped, but potential deal between the City, the bank, the Master Builders Association, and Habitat for Humanity could see that change.

Under the House For Hope program, which is spearheaded by the Master Builders Association (MBA), the City of Tacoma, Habitat for Humanity, HomeStreet Bank, and the MBA would partner to build the single-family home on a 6,500 square foot lot located at 811 South L Street, according to a briefing last week during Tacoma City Council’s Neighborhoods and Housing Committeemeeting at City Hall.

Under the deal being discussed, the City would waive costs of the demolition, the bank would donate the property to Habitat, who would partner with the MBA to build an affordable, single-family home on the site. The home would be available for a first-time homebuyer. The MBA would donate labor and materials to build the home, and any profit from the sale would be split between the MBA and Habitat for Humanity.

It wouldn't be a major development, just a single-family home, but it would make a difference to the block it sits on. If this is the beginning of a new trend, do we like where it's headed?

As a side note, the Elks building also appeared on the Filthy Fifteen list.

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