Tacoma Food Co-Op Merger With Central Co-Op?

Big news today for fans of Tacoma Food Co-op: the Tacoma-based co-op may be joining forces with Capitol Hill's Central Co-op.

Justin Carder at the Capitol Hill Seattle Blog writes that the merger, announced today, is being discussed as a means to strengthen the two grassroots organizations through shared administrative resources, greater buying power, and a collective voice for the cooperative movement.

The four-year-old Tacoma Food Co-op is just a baby compared to the 40-year-old Central Co-op, which just signed a new 20-year lease. Both co-ops are operating in a market with plenty of competition from bigger groceries, including and expanding Whole Foods presence.

“As a community-owned business, we believe that people are stronger when they act together,” said Central Co-op Board President, Dean Decrease. “Central Co-op and Tacoma Food Co-op share the same values and the same vision for a sustainable food system and a cooperative economy. The world of natural foods is increasingly competitive and if we combine our efforts together both stores will be much better positioned to thrive going forward. This will mean more good jobs, community ownership and local-control.”

Members of both co-ops will still get to vote on the proposed merger, with both needing majority support before the changes can go foward.

Read the full Central Co-op press release here.

Read more from Capitol Hill Seattle Blog here.

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As much as I like to see Tacoma businesses remain fully local, this seems like a good move that could give our co-op a more reliable and affordable inventory.  Maybe a remodel, deli, and coffee shop too?

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