Prairie Line Trail Billboard Comes Down

As the Prairie Line Trail moves closer to reality, there's been a certain nagging problem with the northern section owned by the City of Tacoma... a nagging problem in the shape of a billboard...

Well, today, it looks like that roadblock may have been overcome. Workers operating a crane were spotted bringing down the Clear Channel billboard that stood smack in the middle of the intended path of the trail. Had it remained standing, it would have required some creative routing of the pedestrian and bike trail throgh the narrow right of way, but it looks like that won't be necessary after all.

Thanks for the tip, Jacob.

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Alright! I saw the crane there this morning and came here to check if there was any news on it. I was hoping they were taking it down and not just doing some sort of billboard maintenance. I’m glad to see that the trail plans are moving right along.

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