Primo Grill Doors Open in New Location

Another move for a 6th Avenue business is finally complete. Today Primo Grill posted a Facebook status notifying their fans that the doors are open at their new location.

We are in! Dinner service starts tonight in our new space at 6th and Oakes. Come in and say HI!

Thanks to all who have helped on this amazing transformation.

Charlie and JP

It's a move that's been in the works for a while now, and one that meant a serious shuffling of storefronts along 6th Ave. Primo Grill now sits at the corner of 6th and Oakes, where House of Tattoo used to be. House of Tattoo has moved next door to where the driving school was. The driving school has moved around the corner to where the doggie daycare was.

With the change of address for Primo comes an updated look and an updated menu (the TNT has more details on the new look and new art). We loved the old Primo, so we can't wait to see what Charlie has planned for the new Primo. Who's ready for dinner?

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