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Primo Grill is Moving

Primo Grill, one of our favorite restaurants, and one of the longest standing in the 6th Avenue Business District, is moving. The News Tribune reports that the restaurant, operated by Charlie McManus, who also owns and operates Crown Bar, will be leaving the space next to the Starbucks at 6th and Pine, where it has operated since opening in 1999.

Fortunately for the 6th Ave neighborhood, Primo won't be going far - moving just down the block to the building at the corner of 6th and Oakes, which McManus also owns. That building currently houses Crown Bar, the A+ Driving School, the Clip 'n' Clean dog groomers, and the House of Tattoo. Existing businesses will shuffle spaces, with the dog groomer leaving for another location, the driving school taking their place, House of Tattoo moving in to the A+ space, and Crown will stay right where it is. That leaves the prime corner location for Primo.

Word is that although the wood-fired oven that sets much of the atmosphere at the current Primo space can't be moved, plans are underway for both a new open oven and a smoker to be shared between Primo and Crown. The TNT also reports other cool upgrades to the new space, including energy efficient appliances, reclaimed wood flooring and artwork coming out of a partnership with TCC's art program. The kitchen will remain open, and a communal table and windows opening out onto Oakes will add to the open feel.

The move will take place next year, with Primo hopefully settling in by July. The current location will keep serving up its delicious fare while work is completed on the new space.

We're looking forward to checking it out - and to seeing what will take the old Primo space when that becomes available...

Read more at The News Tribune.

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My favorite in town.  Charlie is a great chef!  I am a bit concerned about parking…one of the things that made the current location nice was the small lot that sometimes held a space…

November 11, 2013 at 5:31 pm / Reply / Quote and reply


I’m looking forward to an even easier walk from my house.

November 11, 2013 at 7:13 pm / Reply / Quote and reply

Name robin echtle

Congrats to Charlie and Jackie!  Glad they are sticking around on 6th.  Some of the best food in T-City.

November 12, 2013 at 12:55 pm / Reply / Quote and reply

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