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“In God We Trust?”

Pierce County Councilman Jim McCune wants to make Pierce County the first in Washington State to put the words "In God we trust" on the wall of its council chambers.

McCune's proposal comes as a California group is working to get the national motto displayed in government buildings across the country. McCune has proposed a resolution supporting the permanent display of the motto in a "prominent location" in County Council chambers.

Supporters call it celebrating the national motto, and promoting patriotism. Opponents say that there are other more important priorities to be dealt with at this time, and that posting "In God we trust" is exclusionary to atheists and others who don't believe in one "God" with a capital G.

The County Council is discussing the issue in committee meetings today, and it will go to a vote at Tuesday's County Council meeting. Read more and submit your comments on the County website. Read more from The News Tribune.

McCune's resolution calls the proposed display "a way to solemnize public occasions and express confidence in our society," and calls the motto "in both war and peace, these words have been a profound source of strength and guidance to many generations of Americans."

Would you support the proposal?

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