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Tacoma Link Expansion Project Update

Sound Transit has some updated information on potential station locations to share with you.

The transit agency has been moving forward with conceptual engineering and environmental review for the possible future expansion of Tacoma's Link up to the Stadium District, then on to the Hilltop. Having taken public comment in May, some updates have been made to the proposal for station locations. 

Six station locations were originally proposed, but based on public feedback, Sound Transit added a seventh location at MLK and Division. All seven locations were adopted by the Tacoma City Council at its September 9 meeting for inclusion in the environmental review process. As a part of that environmental review process, which is currently underway, the station locations will be evaluated for feasibility and impacts. The review will provide more information for the final decision on preferred stations, which must be identified for Sound Transit to move forward with an application for a federal Small Starts grant. And that's just the beginning of the funding puzzle...

Sound Transit invites you to attend one of a series of Link Expansion informational drop-in sessions over the next few weeks. At these drop-in sessions, you can learn about the updates to the station locations, including how public input was incorporated into the process and a review of work up to this point, as well as next steps for the project.

Drop-in sessions:

  • Sept. 25 - Broadway Farmers Market
  • Sept. 25 - Theater District Station
  • Oct. 1 - Stadium Thriftway
  • Oct. 2 - Community Health Care, Hilltop Family Medical Center

For more information visit the Tacoma Link Expansion page.

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