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Monkeyshines 2016 - The Year of the Monkey

Before we get started - This is NOT an announcement that Monkeyshines has officially started. This is not an announcement that it hasn't either ... 

That said, we know that a lot of people are looking and a several friends of the monkeys are already hiding little treasures. If you're looking, have stories to tell, or have questions, post them in the comments. If you have photos you'd like to share, please email them to us at tips @ exit133.com. We'll add them to your comment. Do you need some inspiration? Here are a few things to read while we all wait ...

And who could forget ...

We'll update and expand this post as we receive more information. 

p.s. From what we hear, there are three different monkey stamps this year. One is the original from the first year. Two of them are new for 2016. However, the same rule applies - take only one. Happy hunting, Tacoma.  

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