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Bob’s Java Jive Added to National Register of Historic Places

Bob's Java Jive, the classic coffee pot-shaped building on South Tacoma Way, has been placed on the national register of historic places.

The News Tribune reports that the uniquely shaped 85-year-old landmark has officially been added to the register for its architectural significance. The Java Jive has been on the Tacoma Register of Historic places for a number of years now, a designation which has protected it from demolition. This adds another level of recognition.

The old coffee pot has seen a lot of change from its vantage point in the Nalley Valley. When the Coffee Pot Restaurant was built, South Tacoma Way was Highway 99, the major north-south route through Tacoma. That brought travellers right to the doorstep of the restaurant, which attracted them with its unique shape.

The construction of I-5 in 1960 changed that, and fewer travellers passed by. The building has taken on a number of incarnations over the years, including as a bar and rock venue. It has also experienced its share of challenges, particularly as it fell into disrepair in recent years, badly needing repairs and upgrades that the owners have struggled to afford.

It's an iconic piece of history for Tacoma, both on a larger scale, and on a personal scale for many Tacomans. Now the building has national historic recognition, but still the business still struggles. Will this new official historic status make a difference for the Java Jive? Who wants a drink? 

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