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KPLU Advisory Council Unanimously Opposes Sale to KUOW

We were disappointed to hear of the planned sale of KPLU to KUOW, primarily because the announced plans of the Seattle-based station to turn its new acquisition into an all jazz format - eliminating the news component of what KPLU currently does.

Apparently we weren't alone in our disappointment. The Seattle P.I. reports that on Monday a packed house of dozens of commenters told the KPLU advisory council they didn't want to see the deal go through. The council agreed, and unanimously voted to express its disapproval to the PLU Board of Regents. Unfortunately, as an advisory body, that's about as far as its power goes.

The loss of news programming from KPLU would mean one less voice for news in the Tacoma area, meaning less coverage of the things affecting the lives of Tacoma area residents. The P.I. quotes KPLU council member Jeanne Juneau expressing concern for the loss of KPLU news coverage:

“KPLU has a very broad geographical base and the nature of its programming is not confined to the Seattle mindset.” 

The Seattle station will take over news functions, and KUOW messaging assures us that "KPLU’s ... news listeners will still have the NPR programming they love ..., and more resources for local news programming." KUOW promises to develop content about "issues that matter to our region," but to serve the entire region, the Seattle-centric station is going to have to go beyond current "regional" content, which might be described as "Seattle and its adoring onlookers."

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