Proposed Amendments to Tacoma’s Comprehensive Plan for 2014

It's time again to talk about amendments to Tacoma's Comprehensive Plan. Every year the City accepts applications for proposals to amend the Comprehensive Plan. This year there were nine - the first two from private entities (Point Ruston developers and Metro Parks, respectively), the other seven initiated internally by the Planning and Development Services Department.

Point Ruston Mixed-Use Center - Designating a portion of the former ASARCO site as a Mixed-Use Center and residential target area (see map).

Point Defiance Park Land Use Policies - Allowing for the development of publicly or privately operated commercial and retail establishments within the boundaries of Point Defiance Park.

Mixed-Use Centers Code Review - MUC-Lite - Identifying potential barriers to development in Tacoma's mixed-use centers, and proposing alternatives to mitigate them without sacrificing the long-term vision and core principles for the Neighborhood Mixed-Use Centers. Identified amendments would include changes to pedestrian street level use limitations, yard space standards, upper floor design limitations, and off-street parking requirements.

Affordable Housing Regulations - Phase 2 - Providing and clarifying policy support for future development of an Affordable Housing Incentives code and program. Facilitating and removing barriers to the creation of a variety of affordable housing options, including group housing, student housing, small multi-family housing, Accessory Dwelling Units, and small lot infill development.

Container Port Element - Creating a new element in the Comprehensive Plan that specifically addresses goals and policies related to the Port Industrial Area. Establishing a policy framework for addressing needs and interests of container ports in land use decisions, alongside city waterfronts and adjacent areas.

Open Space Habitat and Recreation Element - Updating the element to reflect planning, programmatic progress, and changing circumstances. Updating inventories of projects, land, and facilities. Enhancing guidance on implementation. Adding an open space projects list to the Open Space Element, intended to facilitate implementation and project prioritization.

Sustainability Code Amendment - Updating the code to advance the City’s goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting low impact development, active transportation and public health. Updates to sections dealing with electric vehicle parking and infrastructure requirements, start and end of trip infrastructure to support bicycling, and minor amendments to remove barriers to the use of certain low impact development techniques.

Urban Forestry Landscaping Code Update - Amending the land use code relating to trees and landscaping requirements for development. Amending the code as it relates to improved incentives, flexibility, quality, and tree health.

Plan and Code Cleanup - Numerous changes to the Plan and Code to address inconsistencies, correct minor errors, and improve provisions found to be unclear or not fully meeting their intent.

The City will hold a public information session on the proposed amendments Next Wednesday, March 12, including an opportunity for the public to ask questions. The following Wednesday, March 19, a public hearing on the proposed amendments will be a chance for the public to register support for or opposition to the amendments.

So, public, any comments?

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