PSRC Conducts Regional Transit Study

The Puget Sound Regional Council wants to know more about where you go and how you prefer to get there. PSRC is conducting a regional transit study, asking residents from all over the Puget Sound region about their travel needs and preferences.

Beginning this month, about 90,000 randomly selected households throughout the region will receive postcards inviting them to participate. The study will have two parts. First, an initial household information survey will ask the basics of the households and their vehicles. The second part will ask adults in the household to track all trips they make on their assigned date. The study wraps up in June.

Information gathered will paint a picture of household demographics, daily travel activities, and typical travel patterns throughout the region. This will help planners understand how growth and development are impacting the transportation system, and will help plan future transportation improvements to fit the needs of people around the region. Answers to questions about how real households travel will help decision makers prioritize transportation projects.

Participation in the study can help answer questions about how the region can maintain and improve mobility, accessibility, and connectivity for residents as population grows and travel patterns evolve

The last such study was conducted in 2006. We know a lot has changed in our region in the last eight years - light rail, street cars, tolling, and other changes have popped up around the Sound, and of course the economy has seen some significant changes.

The question now is what has changed on the human scale and what has stayed the same? Have your transportation habits changed significantly since 2006?

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