Remember the Kalakala?  Part two

Just a few months ago the Kalakala seemed to be making small steps toward actually having a future.  In what appears to be another case of the cart before the horse, the boat’s owner is already looking for a new home post-restoration.  From the News Tribune:

Five months after calling Tacoma the perfect home for the Kalakala, owner Steve Rodrigues is trying to generate interest for moving the once-renowned, now rust-covered ferry back to Seattle.

Fix the boat.  Make it beautiful again.  The boat seems lucky just to have a home that isn’t trying to evict it.

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“The <span class=“caps”>SAFER</span> grant will fund firefighter jobs, and comes with a requirement that none of those jobs be cut for at least two years.”

That provision is nonsense. If the grant is going to pay for the firefighter jobs why would we cut the jobs?

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