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Renaming McKinley Playfield

Metro Parks Tacoma is in the process of renaming McKinley Playfield. Not to be confused with McKinley Park. Which is part of the problem.

In 1901 McKinley Park (the red marker on the map), which overlooks the Tacoma Dome, was named after President McKinley. The surrounding area came to be known as the McKinley neighborhood, and East H Street was renamed McKinley Avenue.

Then in 1928, Metro Parks acquired the property further south, on McKinley Ave (the green marker on the map), now known as McKinley Playfield.

Apparently having two different parks with such similar names is confusing.

To alleviate such confusion, Metro Parks is consulting with the community to come up with ideas for a new name for McKinley Playfield. Students from area elementary schools came up with a short list of their favorites.

  • Eastside Community Park
  • Family Play Park
  • Friendship Park
  • Harmony Park
  • Ida Park ( Ida is the first name of the wife of President McKinley, for whom McKinley Park is named.)

Now Metro Parks is asking the grown ups for their input. Names that make the list will be included in a final survey, which will ask Eastside residents to pick their favorite to be forwarded to the Park Board. Names must come out of one or more of a list of criteria.

  • The site’s unique geography or geology.
  • Historical events, persons or actions related to establishing the site.
  • Influential persons who have made a substantial and lasting contribution related to the park or community.
  • The site’s unique and sentimental appeal to its users.
  • The site’s commonly used name based on its unique attributes

If you're interested in providing names for consideration, you're encouraged to attend the November 18 Eastside Neighborhood Council meeting. Learn more or make an absentee nomination here.

So, what's your top pick? Any new ideas?

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