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Saving Old City Hall

We read in The News Tribune a review of the current plight of Tacoma’s Old City Hall. Almost one year after the pipes burst the day before Thanksgiving last year the building sits empty of tenants, with no distinct plans for the future. For now it appears that the building is structurally sound, and fire suppression and heating systems are functioning.

There is, however, still significant damage to the interior, and apparently somewhat of a difference of opinion between the City and the building owner, about the schedule for repairing those damages. The City has given the developer a December 31st deadline to come up with a plan to complete the internal repairs. Developer Webb would prefer to wait until he knows what use will be going in – for example, condos would require different work from office space. But, according to minimum City building and structures codes, some of the work must be done whether there is a specific use planned or not.

Concerns abound over preserving the building, and Stratford is caught in an admittedly tough spot of needing do do work, but lacking prospective tenants. The Old City Hall owner is hoping that McMenamins’ work on the Elks building will give a boost to development in the neighborhood. Does the building have that long to wait? Is there something else we could be doing in the meantime, just in case the McMenamins isn’t the second coming?

Read more from The News Tribune.

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