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Share Your Thoughts on Weekday Closures of 5 Mile Drive

For years now Five Mile Drive at Point Defiance has been closed to vehicle traffic on weekends, giving free rein to walkers, runners, bikers, skateboarders, those guys on what look like rolling skis, and anyone else who can come up with a non-motorized use for the roads.

We wrote earlier this month about Metro Parks plans for the future of Point Defiance , including a trial program to close Five Mile Drive on weekday mornings as well.

Here's the latest:

In response to requests by park visitors, we are piloting additional hours of vehicle-free use on the outer loop of Five Mile Drive. 

November 1 through April 15, the outer loop of Five Mile Drive at Point Defiance Park will be closed from the park's opening until 11 am Monday through Friday.

The pilot will not include any changes to the vehicle-free weekend hours which have been in place for many years. Saturdays and Sundays are vehicle-free from park opening until 1 pm.

Please share your input with us through our online survey:  


The survey gives park users the opportunity to weigh in on specific hours and days they would or would not like to see the loop closed, as well as reasons they do or don't like the idea.

What's your input?

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