Show Your Love for Tacoma’s History With the #IHeartTacoma Photo Contest

Send a photo love note to Tacoma in the month of hearts and flowers for the chance to win fabulous prizes:

For the month of February 2015, The City of Tacoma Landmarks Preservation Commission has teamed up with Tim Norris of TMN Creative of Spaceworks Tacoma participant Tim + April, to launch a social media photo contest to show our love for Tacoma’s unique historic character. The contest will begin on February 1st, with winners announced at the end of February.

It's a fun chance to show your love for Tacoma's history - and to show that history isn't just in the past, but still a part of shaping our lives in the present. It's also a fun chance to think outside the box. We love Old City Hall and the Elks Building - they're both definitely near the top of our list of favorite historic places in Tacoma - but don't forget some of Tacoma's smaller historic structures. Maybe your favorite Tacoma historic building is your home, or maybe it's the church you got married in, or maybe it's Bob's Java Jive. We've always liked the story of a friend's parents who got engaged at the Frisko Freeze back in the day when they used to cruise the 6th Ave strip - maybe that's their favorite historic building...

To enter:

  1. Print the Tacoma Heart Map on cardstock (Download the image and instructions here). Or find a free 5x5 card around the city.
  2. Take a picture holding the Heart Map in front of your favorite Tacoma historic building.
  3. Post it with #IHeartTacoma. Put the name of the building and address in the description/comments. 
  4. Follow Tacoma Culture and TMNC's Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter: Tacoma Historic Preservation Twitter: @Tacoma_Culture, TMN Creative Instagram: @tmnrrs, and Tacoma Culture Instagram: @Tacoma_Culture
  5. Watch for and like other #IHeartTacoma posts.
  6. The 3 photos with the most likes will receive prizes featuring Tacoma artwork. 

To learn more about historic preservation and see a full list of historic landmarks and districts in Tacoma visit For questions contact Lauren Hoogkamer, Historic Preservation Coordinator 253-591-5254

Find the map and full contest instructions at If you don't have access to a color printer, we hear you may be able to find free Tacoma heart map posters in select little free libraries around the North End or at Evolve Home on North 21st.

There are so many possibilities... What's your favorite Tacoma historic landmark?

Photo and artwork by Tim Norris of TMN Creative.

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