Step Right Up; Get Your Kalakala Souvenirs Right Here?

Workers methodically stripping the Kalakala down on the Blair Waterway in the Port of Tacoma are saving some pieces as souvenirs. And there's a demand for them. Smaller pieces like bolts, trim, and pieces of the engine seem to be in demand as souvenirs. 

The News Tribune reports that the company doing the work had a waiting list that was already 600 names long by Monday. They're not sure when they'll begin selling the souvenirs, but if you'd like your very own keepsake from the Kalakala, this sounds like your best chance to get one.

Crews will also try to salvage larger pieces from the wreck of the once-grand ferry, like some of the windows, the pilot house and the rudder. Those could end up on display for the public, if an institution expresses interest in housing them.

So, what piece of the Kalakala would you want to put on your mantel at home? And where would you like to see those larger pieces displayed?

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