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Tacoma: 65th Out of 200 for Business & Careers

There are a lot of lists out there. Top 10 lists. Top 100 lists. Listcicles. Infographics. They can be fun, they can spark conversation, but we generally take them with a large grain of salt.

A new "Best Places for Business and Careers" list from Forbes looks at the 200 largest metropolitan statistical areas in the country and ranks them on the basis of a dozen different metrics.

We consider 12 metrics relating to job growth (past and projected), costs (business and living), income growth over the past five years, educational attainment (college and high school) and projected economic growth through 2014. We also factor in net migration patterns, as well as cultural and recreational opportunities. Lastly we included the number of highly ranked colleges in an area per our annual college rankings. We give the most weighting to business costs and educational attainment in the overall ranking.

Where does Tacoma fall? The Tacoma MSA (which goes beyond Tacoma to include over 800,000 resdidents) came in at 65 out of 200. Not in the bottom half, but certainly not in the top finishers, below Spokane at 57th and well below Seattle at 9th.

An interesting comparison might be to look at how Tacoma compares to another city you might be familiar with, like, say, Seattle. Looking at those two cities side by side, gives an idea of how the rankings came out where they did. Another interesting side note comes from some observations the Forbes article makes about San Antonio, which leads Texas cites on the list at number 11.

... San Antonio also boasts one of the healthiest city governments as the only U.S. city with more than a million people to receive an AAA bond rating on its debt from the three major ratings agencies. ...

Maybe some San Antonio will rub off on Tacoma ... although we're not entirely sure that a AAA bond rating is the only or strongest determinant of a healthy city government.

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I “like” The City of Tacoma on my Facebook account.  This went out the other day as if they were bragging about it.  In fact, this is ok but the competitor for Puget Sound business is Seattle and they’re #9. 

So what if I were selling my product each day and informed my clientele that my products are the second best in this market when all things are considered.  Would I sell a whole lot of that product that way?  Should I be a proud sales representative and make sure and use that as my messaging?

September 27, 2013 at 9:39 am / Reply / Quote and reply

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