Toast the Local Beer Scene During Tacoma Beer Week

If you're looking for an(other?) excuse for a mid-week beer, here's a great one: we're smack in the middle of Tacoma Beer Week. Apparently all the beer in Tacoma was just too much to be contained in any one-day event, so the bars and breweries of Tacoma have joined forces to bring you Tacoma Beer Week - a one-week celebration of all the hoppy, malty goodness Tacoma has to offer.

With multiple events every day this week, TBW has something for everyone (everyone who's over 21, and enjoys a cold one every now and then, that is). Last year Tacoma Beer Week popped up in March, which is as good a time to enjoy a beer as any. This year the event has moved to August, which means more outdoor venues, and the chance to partner with the Broadway Center for the Performing Arts, which puts on its annual Brew Five Three this month as the grand finale of the week of beer.

The opening toast for Tacoma Beer Week 2015 already happened on Sunday at The Red Hot, but you still have several more days to catch up. Find a full listing of Beer Week events at

We particularly look forward to seeing which IPA wins the day at the Parkway's blind IPA tasting, and for those of you planning on staying up late, Narrows Brewing will be throwing a Turkish Coffee Stout on the Randall on Friday night.

The whole week wraps up with what promises to be a good time at the third annual Brew Five Three put on by the Broadway Center, closing down Broadway for a celebration of Washington brewers with food trucks and live music. Tickets are on sale now.

Happy Beer Week, Tacoma.

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