Tacoma City Business Preview for the Week of February 9, 2016

Tax Man

At Tuesday's city council study session, Washington State Treasurer James Mcintire will share his tax plan proposal for education funding reform, including lowering property, sales and B&O taxes, creating a 5% flat state income tax, and a constitutional requirement for a super-majority vote on taxes.


Climate Change

Also at this week's study session, the council will get a presentation on the recently completed Climate Change Resilience Study. The study is an early step in the effort to understand the risks and challenges Tacoma could face associated with climate change. The study is in its final stages; this week's presentation will include an overview of the project and results of the draft study, which outlines recommendations for adaptation actions and additional studies, and prioritizes them based on urgency, level of effort, and benefit. 


Roads Funding

Last week we heard the first reading of a pair of resolutions setting up the process for accepting and spending funds raised through the tax increases approved by voters with the passage of propositions A and 3 last November. Those two ordinances will get their final readings this week.


Citizens' Forum

It's time again to share your thoughts with the council on any issue over which they have jurisdiction. Go for it.


Other Items

An ordinance on this week's consent agenda for a final reading would vacate an unused portion of the alley between East D and East E Streets, north of Puyallup Avenue and south of BNSF Railway Company property and the terminus of the City right-of-way, for use as a passenger drop-off and bus zone for PCSD Tacoma Facilities I, LLC's adjacent charter school on Puyallup Avenue. No comment was received at the public hearing, and the Hearing Examiner is recommending that the vacation request be approved.

As a part of the City of Tacoma's Commute Trip Reduction program the City provides ORCA business cards to employees for use of public transportation and vanpool/vanshare programs to reduce the impact of City workers on traffic congestion. A resolution on this week's agenda would reauthorize the $361,006 agreement with Pierce Transit for the purchase of the cards and services. 

Three resolutions on this week's agenda would authorize collective bargaining agreements with groups of IBEW workers. A related ordinance scheduled for a first reading this week would implement changes to rates of pay and compensation for both represented and non-represented employees.


Committee Meetings

This week the council Infrastructure, Planning, and Sustainability Committee will hear briefings on the City's Sustainable Materials Management Plan and updates to the Traffic Model Ordinance.

The council Economic Development Committee is scheduled to hear a briefing on farmers' market economic activity.


Project PEACE

This evening (Monday, February 8) at 6 p.m. the public is invited to gather at the Greater Tacoma Convention and Trade Center ballroom at 1500 Broadway for the Project PEACE Final Culminating Event. Staff will share the information collected during earlier Project PEACE conversations; review Tacoma Police's proposed action items in response to community feedback; and provide an opportunity for community members to help prioritize action items. There will be free parking, children's activities, and light refreshments available at the event. 



Due to overwhelming public interest, the City has added an additional public hearing has on the scoping process for the Northwest Innovation Works proposal to build a methanol plant in the Port of Tacoma. That hearing is scheduled for this Wednesday, February 10, also at the Greater Tacoma Convention and Trade Center. Doors open at 5 p.m. for speaker sign-up and an opportunity for the public to speak to staff about the EIS process. The official public comment period begins at 6:30 p.m. Speakers will be called in order of sign-up. 

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Elrod Fitzsimmons

You let the state income tax fox into the chicken coop and I guarantee you that before you know it any reductions they may have promised in the sales tax rate will be out the window. You’ll have both, and it won’t be pretty. Ever look at the liquor taxes in this workers paradise, comrade?

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