Tacoma City Business Preview for the Week of March 8, 2016

Special Projects

A resolution on this week's council meeting agenda lists 24 Public Works and Environmental Services projects. The projects on the list would be designated as special projects of limited duration, allowing the relevant City departments to devote needed staffing to them. The projects on the list are at various levels of readiness - from still needing design work to ready for construction - and various levels of funding - some fully funded, some still needing full or partial grant funding.

  • Hilltop and South Downtown Pedestrian Improvements
  • Schuster Parkway Promenade
  • Street and Cirque Drive Corridor
  • Lincoln Business District Streetscape
  • East 641h Street: McKinley Avenue to Pacific Avenue
  • 21stStreet South: Jefferson Avenue to Tacoma Avenue
  • St. Helens Avenue: 7th Street South to 1st Street North
  • 21st Street North: Adams Street to Pearl Street
  • Puyallup Avenue: C Street to Portland Avenue
  • Mildred Street: 12th Street South to 9th Street North 
  • Taylor Way: SR-509 to East 11th Street
  • Portland Avenue: Puyallup Avenue to East 1 Street
  • Union Avenue: South 19th Street to Center Street
  • Water Flume Line Trail Phase Ill
  • Prairie Line Trail Phase II
  • Pipeline Trail
  • Engineering Design Record Drawings Maintenance Project
  • Foss Superfund Monitoring Project
  • Schuster Slope Management Plan Implementation
  • Mason Gulch Management Plan and Implementation
  • Stormwater and Wastewater Utilities Asset Management Data Collection Project
  • Electronic Operations and Maintenance Manual Development
  • Healthy Homes, Healthy Neighborhoods
  • Urban Forest Program

Just because a project appears on this list, that doesn't mean we'll see completion anytime soon - all of the projects are listed with a duration lasting through 2021. For project details, see the Council Action Memorandum here.


Living In Your Car

The council is scheduled to hear the final reading of an ordinance changing the way the City deals with people living in their vehicles. In order to better align Tacoma's regulations with recent legal findings, the ordinance would add language defining "human habitation," eliminate language referring to recreational vehicles, and extend the length of stay allowed from 24 hours to 7 days. The proposed changes would allow the City time for better outreach efforts, and potentially the chance to connect individuals experiencing homelessness with better long-term services. See last week's council meeting notes for more.


Über Regulations

Also on this week's agenda for a final reading is an ordinance making adjustments to how the City handles "Transportation Network Companies" (like Uber). Tacoma's existing rules, adopted more than a year ago, would be amended based on the City's experience regulating the new field. They would be amended to set a fee structure based on the number of drivers working in Tacoma for a company, and to drop the driver identification and vehicle endorsement currently required of each driver. The changes are aimed at eliminating unnecessary parts of the process and at accurately recapturing the costs of administration and enforcement related to the industry. See last week's council meeting notes for more.


Citizens' Forum

It's time once again for Citizens' Forum - this is your chance to stand in front of the Tacoma City Council (and the vast viewing audience of TV Tacoma), and speak your mind on any issue over which the council has jurisdiction. Go for it.


Other Items

A final ordinance on this week's council meeting agenda for a final reading would implement negotiated changes to rates of pay and compensation for groups of City employees, as authorized by resolutions at last week's meeting.

The City Council Study Session of Tuesday, March 8, 2016 has been cancelled. 

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