Tacoma City Business Preview - Week of August 12, 2014

Customer Support

Last year the City launched a new Public Access, Services, & Security Initiative, designed to enhance the public's customer service experience with the City. A part of that initiative was a new information hotline and Tacoma First "Customer Support Center." Tacomans can now call 311 and get the answer to a number of city services related questions. Whether or not you like to think of yourself as a customer or a citizen is a question we'll leave for another time, but it is nice to have a one-call resource for questions about things like garbage pick-up or utility bill payment.

Apparently now there's an app for that. At study session this week, the City Council will hear an update on the PASS Tacoma FIRST 311 mobile application. It's the second phase of the initiative, combining the Customer Support Center with a new high-tech tool to "deliver an improved and streamlined process for responding to customer service requests." If you're curious about what that means, listen in on this week's study session.


South Sound 911

In 2011 the City of Tacoma approved the interlocal agreement that formed South Sound 911, the inter-local agency that deals with 911 calls and dispatch, and the associated communications and records. A resolution appearing on this week's City Council meeting consent agenda would authorize an amended interlocal agreement for South Sound 911 services, adding the City of Puyallup as a member agency; updating language related to financing capital investments for an upcoming investment in a new consolidated regional dispatch, municipal emergency operations center and records facility; and deleting outdated language. 


Citizens' Forum

It's that time again - your monthly opportunity to stand before the Council and share your thoughts on any issue over which they have jurisdiction. It's your three minutes; use it wisely.


Other Items

A pair of resolutions on this week's regular City Council meeting agenda would appoint two individuals to the Board of Building Appeals, and appoint or reappoint four individuals to the Transportation Commission.

This week the Council is also scheduled to hear the final reading of an ordinance it first heard at last week's City Council meeting, implementing negotiated changes to rates of pay and compensation for various represented City employees. 

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