Tacoma City Business Preview - Week of February 25, 2014

Environmental Services Plan

The main item on this week's City Council study session agenda is a discussion of City of Tacoma Environmental Services Department's strategic plan for 2013 through 2018. Environmental Services staff will present the plan, including its goals and objectives. The plan emphasizes the department's vision, mission, and values, and is meant to align with the strategic direction of the City Council and the goals of the City manager. Sounds good. Now, how about the goals of the citizens?



McMenamins has requested that their Tacoma properties - including the Elks Building - be added to the BIA. This change to the BIA footprint would require a hearing and the acceptance of at least half the property owners currently in the BIA. A resolution on this week's City Council meeting consent agenda would set Tuesday, March 18, during the regular Council meeting, as the date for the public hearing.


Redefining "Riot" (no, not that Russian punk protest group...)

Recently passed legislation at the state level changes the crime of "Riot" to the crime of "Criminal Mischief." In order to stay current with state law, and to be able to prosecute "Criminal Mischief," the City of Tacoma needs to adopt the change as well. An ordinance amending the TMC to make the necessary changes is on this week's regular City Council meeting agenda.


Sidewalks & ADA Accessibility

A purchase resolution on this week's Council meeting agenda would authorize a $24,755 increase to a cumulative total of $428,635, budgeted from the Neighborhood Business District REET Fund, to complete pedestrian access improvements and ADA ramps at four locations in the City. The project provides for sidewalk  and curb replacement in the Dome, McKinley Hill, and Pacific Avenue business districts, and near Wright Park. Weather conditions impacted the work schedule, increasing the need for traffic control on the project.


Other Items

Mayor Strickland will recognize the 150th anniversary of the Knights of Pythias. The Mayor will also proclaim February 25, 2014 as Free Income Tax Return Preparation Day in the City of Tacoma. 

A resolution on this week's Council agenda will appoint and reappoint individuals to the Tacoma Area Commission on Disabilities.

Oh, and we're expecting, once again, to see citizens protesting the TNT's new advertising distribution in Council chambers at this week's meeting.

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