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Tacoma Police to Community: We Need to Talk

The City of Tacoma, the Tacoma Police Department, and community leaders are inviting the community to start a conversation about how the department can improve and strengthen its relationship with the community.

Project PEACE, the new initiative from the City, launches with a series of community meetings co-hosted by the City and community partners. The community meetings will include "facilitated conversations" for groups of residents and police officers to talk openly about police-community relations, and to brainstorm ways to improve those relationships. Professional facilitators will guide the conversations.

The hope is that these dialogs will strengthen community engagement and build trust, relationships, and understanding between Tacoma's residents and police officers. Stronger relationships and tough conversations now, the City hopes, will defuse tensions and avoid the protests and conflict other communities around the country have seen.

The News Tribune quotes Police Chief Don Ramsdell explaining, “We want to build relationships before something bad happens,”

Taking a relationship to the next level often involves tough, if not uncomfortable conversations... Are you ready to talk?

The first meeting in the series will be September 3 at Peace Community Center at South 21st and Cushman. Find details and the rest of the meetings in the full Project PEACE press release.

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