Tacoma City Business Preview - Week of July 8, 2014

Public Private Partnerships

At this week's study session, the Tacoma City Council will hear a briefing from Public Works and Planning and Development Services on the City's Public Private Partnerships. The P-3 presentation will include an overview of major community partners and how those partnerships contribute to the provision of City services.


North Downtown Subarea Plan & EIS

Also at this week's study session, Council will hear an update on the status of the North Downtown Subarea Plan and Environmental Impact Statement. The subarea planning and EIS process for the north end of Tacoma's downtown will help shape development in that part of town for years to come. The plans and EIS do some of the groundwork to prepare the area for development, and provide a roadmap for what that future development should look like. 

The process, which began in early 2013, continued with a draft plan and draft EIS made available to the public for comment in May. This week's update should give an idea of what public comment sounded like, and what the timline will be to get the plan adopted and in place. Find out more about the plan, including the latest versions of draft plan and final EIS on the City's planning page.


Green Roads

"Green Roads" have begun showing up as a component of City projects for a couple years now, including Tacoma's first official Greenroads project at Cheney Stadium. The projects implement environmentally friendly design, with a particular focus on stormwater management.

Tacoma has been an early adopter of the program, and now a resolution on this week's agenda would establish a Green Roads Community Policy and Program for the City's roads and other transportation facilities and infrastructure. The resolution is meant to strengthen the City's commitment to Greenroads principles.

The resolution directs the City Manager, along with the help of an appointed team, to develop a Green Roads Policy and Program to guide City planning, location, design, operation, and maintenance of roads and other transportation infrastructure. The resolution includes goals for the program:

  •  Strive to achieve an equivalent of Greenroads certification for all new road construction and full road right-of-way reconstruction projects as financially feasible, excluding alleys; 
  •  Strive to certify an example of each form of road type by Greenroads. Road types include arterial, residential, alley, trail, and bridge. 
  •  Strive for Greenroads Gold, or equivalent rating system, certification on all new road construction and full road right-of-way reconstruction projects over $5 million. 



At last week's meeting the Council heard the first reading of an ordinance that would update the Tacoma Municipal Code to make it compatible with state law and improve enforcement of stalking protection orders. That ordinance gets its final reading at this week's meeting.


Purchase Resolution

A purchase resolution on this week's agenda would award a $517,000 contract, plus sales tax to repair, refurbish, and replace pumps at the Central Treatment Plant and pump stations throughout Tacoma. The contract, budgeted from the Wastewater Fund, would cover the next three years.


Citizens' Forum

It's that time again - time for anyone in the City to appear before the Council and share their thoughts on any matter over which the Council has jurisdiction.


Talk the Walk

The City of Tacoma will be hosting another opportunity for the public to learn about and share feedback on plans for $2.5 million in planned pedestrian crossing improvements. This week's "Talk the Walk" public meeting will be held at Blix Elementary on July 9, and will focus on improvements in districts 3, 4, and 5. At the meeting City staff will share what the have learned about project priorities based on earlier public input, and which projects are emerging at the top of the list.


Other Items

July 2014 will be proclaimed as Gay Pride Month in Tacoma. Tacoma Pride Week kicks off this Friday with a flag raising and awards, followed by Out in the Park at Wright Park on Saturday, and other events like a special Drunken Telegraph show and more.

A resolution appears on this week's regular agenda that would appoint an individual to the Tacoma Public Utilities Board.

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