Tacoma City Business Preview - Week of October 20, 2015


Tuesday the city council will hold a joint study session with the Tacoma Public Library Board of Trustees, where they will get an update on Tacoma’s libraries.


Tax Amnesty

Following the joint session with the Library Board, the council will hold its own study session at which the main topic will be a presentation on the City of Tacoma’s Tax Amnesty Program. The program, created in April, is intended to allow unlicensed businesses, and those with past-due fees to come into compliance voluntarily. Businesses had a limited window within which to take advantage of the break on fines and fees, and bring their accounts current. Staff will update the council on the outcomes of the program to this point, including revenue collected and next steps.


Waterview Point

An ordinance on this week’s consent agenda for a first reading would vacate approximately 95,060 square feet of undeveloped and sloped property of several street and alley right-of-way segments in the area between North Waterview and North Stevens to create individual residential lots ranging from 10,000 to 14,000 square feet for new construction. The plan is to combine the vacated right-of-way segments with adjoining property to give greater flexibility in splitting the property.

This issue was scheduled for a public hearing this summer - actually a second hearing, as the original hearing took place in 2007, before the project was delayed by the economic downturn. Things must be looking up again for the developers, because they're bringing back their planned residential development. The project, if it goes forward, would create single-family homes with nothing but the BNSF rail and Ruston Way separating them from views of Commencement Bay.


Project PEACE

This series of Project PEACE talks is aimed at fostering dialogue and building relationships between the community and Tacoma Police. The next conversation is scheduled for Wednesday, October at the University of Puget Sound Wheelock Student Center.


Other Items

Another ordinance on this week's consent agenda would reclassify a 1.85 acre area at 8439 Pacific Avenue from its current zoning as “T” Transitional District to a new “C-2” General Community Commercial District zoning. The change in zoning would allow the property owner to construct up to 120 apartment units with associated site improvements on the property.

The Disability Advocate of the Year Awards will be presented, and October 20, 2015 will be proclaimed as Student Government Day in the City of Tacoma.

A resolution on this week's regular council meeting agenda will appoint 9 individuals to the Citizen Police Advisory Committee. The Committee, a reworking of the old citizen advisory group for TPD, has 11 positions to fill.

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