Tacoma City Council Meeting - August 4, 2015



Ordinance No. 28292 An ordinance vacating a portion of Jefferson Avenue, south of South 17th Street, for pedestrian and bicycle improvements, landscaping, traffic management, parking and vehicle access to the University of Washington Tacoma campus and adjacent buildings.

The consent agenda was adopted without comment.



Mayor Strickland proclaimed August 2-8, 2015 as Farmers Market Appreciation Week in recognition of the contributions Tacoma’s five weekly markets make to the quality of life and overall social and economic vitality of the city and the health of all its citizens. The mayor urged everyone to join her in recognizing the many benefits of our local farmers’ markets and making a special effort to shop at Tacoma’s farmers’ markets this week.



No comment.




Resolution No. 39250 A resolution appointing Karen Larkin to the Public Utility Board.

Councilmember Lonergan noted that while it is unusual to replace a sitting commissioner with a new appointment, the council feels that Larkin brings not only a new set of eyes, but a needed skillset to the board, which will be particularly helpful in facing new challenges and leveraging the assets for TPU.


Resolution No. 39251 A resolution appointing and reappointing Arthur Banks and Derek Young to the Tacoma Housing Authority Board of Commissioners.

Mayor Strickland noted that the board does the important work of making sure that there is affordable housing available for everyone in Tacoma, citing a recent article that lays out the seriousness of that challenge. The mayor read THA’s mission statement, noting that it goes beyond just putting a roof over people’s heads to helping them become self-sufficient. And yes, that's our Derek. He is honored by the appointment and looks forward to taking on the new challenges ahead.



Resolution No. 39252 A resolution increasing the power transmission rate pursuant to the Transmission Service Agreement with the Public Utility District No. 1 of Lewis County from $159,435 to $189,269.

The original agreement in 1993 set the terms for the use of Tacoma Power facilities for the transfer of power from Lewis County to the Bonneville Power Administration. This resolution updates the terms of that agreement, recalculated using current facilities costs.


Resolution No. 39253 A resolution authorizing the execution of a Letter of Agreement with the Professional and Technical Employees, Local 17, to create the classification of Environmental Lab Scientist in Training.

The negotiated agreement creates a new classification that will allow the City to attract college students to time-limited positions, exposing them to new job opportunities, and proving work experience.



Ordinance No. 28309 An ordinance amending Section 8.52.020 of the Municipal Code, relating to Unlawful Transit Conduct, to criminalize the use of electronic smoking devices on transit property, and to allow for an exception for the use of electronic or traditional smoking instruments in specifically authorized areas.

Ordinance No. 28310 An ordinance amending Section 1.06.075 of the Municipal Code, relating to Police Department Citizen-Initiated Complaint Oversight, to change the name of the Citizen Review Panel to the Citizen Police Advisory Committee; increase the number of members from seven to eleven; and revise the duties of the Committee.

Both ordinances were adopted without further comment.



Ordinance No. 28311 An ordinance amending Chapter 1.12 of the Municipal Code, relating to the Compensation Plan, to implement rates of pay and compensation for non-represented employees and employees represented by the Professional and Technical Employees, Local 17, and to implement changes to reflect the organizational structure.

This ordinance would implement a new classification created in the earlier resolution. It would also provide for wage increases, title changes for other classifications at the City to address a variety of issues with the current structure.




City Manager Broadnax announced that the City of Tacoma’s Office of Management and Budget has received a Distinguished Budget Presentation Award from the Government Finance Officers’ Association of the US and Canada. The award, the highest form of recognition in government budgeting, reflects the commitment of the City and staff to the highest standards for budgeting. It recognizes the office for how well the budget serves as a policy document, a financial plan, an operational guide, and a communicative device. Broadnax congratulated the OBM manager and staff for all their hard work and improvement that earned the award.



Infrastructure, Planning, and Sustainability Committee – Councilmember Mello shared the recent work of the committee.

  • Interviewed applicants for Tacoma’s Planning and Transportation commissions, and made recommendations.

At its next meeting the committee will receive a briefing on live/work code amendments and conduct interviews for the Board of Building Appeals.

Mayor Strickland gave a pair of reminders about Tuesday night.

  • It’s National Night Out, so numerous block parties and neighborhood gatherings are taking place around the city. It’s a chance to get out and meet your neighbors an make our neighborhoods safer, more connected places.
  • It’s also primary election night, so don’t forget to get your ballots in.

Deputy Mayor Boe echoed the mayor’s encouragement to vote, and also gave reminders about when and where you can find farmers’ markets in Tacoma. By now the Tuesday evening 6th and Pine market is over for this week, but you can catch them there again next Tuesday afternoon until 7 p.m., and the new Eastside farmers’ market continues every Wednesday from noon to 4 in Salishan.

Council members Campbell and Woodards were absent from this week’s meeting. We heard Marty might have had a National Night Out dunk tank with his name on it…


For more on the items on the agenda, see our City Business Preview for the week.

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