Tacoma City Council Meeting - June 16, 2015



Resolution No. 39212 A resolution authorizing the execution of an interlocal agreement with the Metropolitan Park District; accepting and depositing $3,000,000 into the Surface Water Fund, for the reimbursement of costs associated with the excavation of soil for the Point Defiance Trail Phase I project to be completed in conjunction with the City’s construction of the Regional Stormwater Treatment Facility in Point Defiance Park.

The consent agenda was adopted without comment.



Washington State Representative (and former Tacoma City Councilmember) Jake Fey presented the Governor’s Award for cost-saving measures relating to Environmental Services to the council and Environmental Services. The award recognizes the department's achievements in protecting the environment, while also cutting costs.



Two commenters spoke, asking the council to consider the welfare of inmates as decisions are made around jail services contracts.




Resolution No. 39213 A resolution awarding a contract to Ceccanti, Inc., in the amount of $4,638,912.00, plus a 20 percent contingency, for a cumulative total of $5,566,694.40, excluding sales tax, budgeted from the Surface Water Fund, for the construction of a regional stormwater facility including stormwater pipe, replacement of existing undersized stormwater outfall, and excavation of soil within Point Defiance Park.

Deputy Mayor Boe described this as an exciting project, similar to a recently completed regional stormwater treatment project on the Prairie Line Trail at UW Tacoma. The Point Defiance project was made possible through partnerships with Metro Parks and the Washington Department of Ecology, as well as a $1 million grant. The new facility will treat stormwater runoff from 754 acres within the Asarco Smelter Plume area, removing as many pollutants as possible before water enters the Puget Sound.


Resolution No. 39214 A resolution awarding a contract to Western Peterbilt, LLC, in the amount of $2,045,592, plus sales tax, budgeted from the Solid Waste Fund, for eight Compressed Natural Gas Low Forward Cab Roll-Off trucks, for an initial one-year period, with the option to renew for two additional one-year periods to purchase two trucks in 2017-2018, for a projected contract total of $2,582.

In response to a question from Councilmember Campbell, staff clarified that this is for the purchase of specialized trucks that haul big, 20 to 30-yard boxes.



The first four resolutions this week all relate to a change in the way Tacoma houses its jail population. Currently the City of Tacoma contracts with the City of Fife, which then outsources many of Tacoma's inmates to other facilities around the region. The following resolutions address a transition to a new arrangement that will see Tacoma's inmates at three locations: Pierce County, the Nisqually Tribe, and SCORE (the South Correctional Entity).

Resolution No. 39215 A resolution authorizing and ratifying the execution of a letter agreement with the City of Fife to extend the jail services agreement to June 30, 2015 and increase the service rates.

Fife recently notified Tacoma that it was terminating the contract for jail services. This resolution extends that contract through June to allow Tacoma to negotiate with other providers and to carry out a smooth transition.


Resolution No. 39216 A resolution authorizing the execution of an agreement with Pierce County to provide jail services for the City of Tacoma effective July 1, 2015 through December 31, 2020.

This resolution updates Tacoma's agreement with Pierce County, transitioning Tacoma's jail population to Pierce County facilities. The five-year contract provides Pierce County with funding to cover the additional beds and staffing that will be needed to house Tacoma's inmates, focusing on pre-sentenced inmates.


Resolution No. 39217 A resolution authorizing the execution of an agreement with the Nisqually Tribe for jail and prisoner transportation services for the City of Tacoma effective July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2017, with the option to renew for three one-year periods.

This resolution authorizes an agreement with the Nisqually Tribe to house Tacoma's sentenced inmates, and covers transportation needs.


Resolution No. 39218 A resolution authorizing the execution of a short-term emergency agreement with the South Correctional Entity (SCORE) to provide jail services for the City of Tacoma effective July 1, 2015 through December 31, 2015.

This resolution authorizes a six-month agreement to facilitate the transition away from Fife. Tacoma inmates are currently housed at all the facilities through the Fife contract. This new arrangement cuts out the middle man, saving money for Tacoma in the long run. All four jail-related resolutions were adopted.


Resolution No. 39219 A resolution authorizing the use of $50,000 from the Council Contingency Funds for a competitive process to award funding for programs and projects that educate the public about the rich history and heritage of the City of Tacoma.

The resolution came about due to requests for funding from historic preservation community to support their work documenting, preserving, and educating residents about Tacoma’s history. To ensure the funding gets the biggest bang for the buck, the City will create an open, competitive process for the funds, along with an evaluation process for impact.



Nigel S. Malden representing the appellant Matthew Austin appealing the recommendation of the Hearing Examiner regarding the Assessment Roll for Local Improvement District No. 8648 for the placement of permanent pavement with curbs and necessary storm drainage on South 69th Street, from Durango Street to South Madison Street, and on South Proctor Street, from South 69th Street north approximately 225 feet.

After a fair amount of back and forth over whether proper procedures had been followed, among other concerns, the council ultimately upheld the findings of the Hearing Examiner, and denied the appeal.



City Manager Broadnax had two items to report.

The City and UW Tacoma are being recognized for their partnership and progress on the Prairie Line Trail. The 2015 Governor’s Smart … Award in the partnership category recognizes the work on the one-mile corridor that connects the Brewery District and UW Tacoma campus to the rest of downtown Tacoma and the Foss Waterfront.
Fitch Ratings has upgraded Tacoma’s bond ratings from stable to positive, reflecting City efforts that have maintained general fund balances, debt levels, and reserves at healthy levels, and made needed adjustments to both expenditures and revenues. Several categories of Tacoma’s bonds, including general obligation and parking, are at A+, while others are listed with an A rating.



Government Performance and Finance Committee – Councilmember Lonergan reported on the recent work of the committee

  • Heard a presentation on proposed Click! rate increases, but decided not to forward the proposal to the full council until discussions about the future of the Click! network have been concluded.
  • Held a joint meeting with the audit advisory board and heard an exit interview from Moss Adams on the City’s utilities, which found that the utilities’ financial statements were presented fairly and in keeping with best practices. There was also an entrance interview to discuss the 2015 general government audit process.
  • At its next meeting the committee will hear a monthly financial report from April, and have presentations on proposed Title 6 amendments, and on refunding of 2004 revenue bonds.

Deputy Mayor Boe gave a plug for this week's Downtown On the Go Walk Tacoma event taking place on Wednesday, June 17. The one-mile walk will focus on the architecture of downtown Tacoma, led by none other than Deputy Mayor and local Tacoma architect, David Boe. Last year this walk was so wildly popular that this year they've decided to double the fun, with one walk to be held at lunch time, and the other scheduled for after work, ending at the Forum for libations and conversation. Details on the 2015 Walk Tacoma Architecture walk here.

Council members Lonergan and Campbell announced two neighborhood cleanups in their districts this Saturday from 10 to 2 - one for the "Pac Yak" neighborhood, the other for the Dome Top and First Creek neighborhoods.



Council members Mello, Thoms, and Woodards were absent from this week's meeting. For more on the items on this week’s agenda see our City Business Preview for the week.

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I wish that I could have said some things at the hearing that would have had an impact. The review mentions a fair bit of back and forth between the council, theer was. However it was one side and the questions asked by the city were skewed not in my favor. I think that is just the nature of the position the council is in while acting in their capacity as a board of equalization. I have no animosity towards anyone, the council, Mr Rodriguez, or the hearings examiner. I also knew the likelyhood of this going in our favor was low. I have been a pillar in my community to keep the homeless encampments and druggies out of the still vacant area behind my home, where children play. I have also been somewhat successful in keeping the hookers from doing business at the dead end, as well as keeping some of the illegal dumping at bay. I am not an unreasonable person, but I do feel this road and the charge involved is.

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