Tacoma City Council Meeting - June 17, 2014


Mayor Strickland proclaimed the third Wednesday in June as Walk Tacoma Day. The Walk Tacoma program is a free eight walk series held on the first and third Wednesdays of the month in the spring and summer, covering various areas of downtown Tacoma, led by local leaders, historians, and artists, sharing their knowledge. Everyone is invited to join the next walk this Wednesday, June 18; meet at Fireman’s Park for an art-themed walk starting at 5:15, followed by a social hour at the Forum around the corner on Pacific.

The Mayor also proclaimed June 22, 2014 as Mary Ball Day in honor of the Tacoma chapter of the National Society of Daughters of the American Revolution. The organization focuses on promoting education, historic preservation, and patriotism. The Mary Ball chapter, named after the mother of the first president of the United States is the largest and oldest chapter in the state, and will celebrate its 120th anniversary this weekend.



No comment.




Resolution No. 38928 A resolution appointing and reappointing the following individuals to the Sustainable Tacoma Commission: Christine Cooley, Ellen Moore, and Sarah Chessman to serve a three-year term to expire April 30, 2017; Felicity Devlin to fill an unexpired term to expire April 30, 2016; and Ken Campbell to fill an unexpired term to expire April 30, 2015. [Doris Sorum, City Clerk; Elizabeth Pauli, City Attorney] 

Councilmember Mello described the volunteer citizen committee's task as working with the City's Office of Environmental Policy and Sustainability to implement the climate action plan, save money, and make the city healthier and more resilient. Mello thanked the field of qualified applicants from whom the appointees were selected.



Resolution No. 38929 A resolution awarding a contract to Albina Asphalt, in the amount of $1,000,000, plus sales tax, budgeted from the Street Operations and Maintenance Fund, for the purchase of AC-15P, polymer modified, hot applied chip seal binder, to apply surface treatments to streets over the next four years - Washington State Contract 01211. [Rae Bailey, Street Operations Division Manager; Kurtis D. Kingsolver, P.E.,  Director, Public Works]

Resolution No. 38930 A resolution awarding a contract to Midvale Electric, Inc., in the amount of $739,095, plus sales tax, budgeted from the Tacoma Rail Mountain Division Fund, for highway-rail grade crossing signal maintenance and inspections, for an initial contract term of three years, with the option to renew for two additional one-year terms, for a projected contract total of $1,231,825 - Specification No. TR14-0166F. [Alan Matheson, Chief Mechanical Officer; Dale W. King, Superintendent, Tacoma Rail]

Both purchase resolutions were adopted without comment.



Resolution No. 38931 A resolution authorizing the execution of Amendment No. 5 to the Cooperative Agreement with the City of Lakewood to extend the Tacoma-Lakewood HOME Consortium Partnership for a three-year period beginning July 1, 2014.[Carey Jenkins, Housing Division Manager; Ricardo Noguera, Director, Community and Economic Development] 

In this partnership Tacoma receives and administers the federal HOME funds for Lakewood.



Ordinance No. 28228 An ordinance amending Chapter 1.12 of the Municipal Code, relating to the Compensation Plan, to implement rates of pay and compensation for employees represented by the United Transportation Union, Switch Crew Unit, which covers 32 budgeted positions, effective July 1, 2014. [Mike Brock, Labor Negotiator; Joy St. Germain, Director, Human Resources]

The ordinance would implement pay and compensation for switch operators represented by the United Transportation Workers. It will get a final reading next week.



Public Safety, Human Services, and Education Committee. – Councilmember Campbell reported on recent topics covered by the committee.

  • Heard a report from the TPCHD regarding the development of a county-wide health assessment and a community health improvement plan. The goal of the initiative is to gather both quantitative and qualitative data to help identify community health priorities.
  • Tacoma Fire Department presented its 2014 – 2018 strategic plan.
  • Heard a presentation on the new derelict vessels program and on private public partnerships for harbor code enforcement.
  • Seattle City Club presented the findings and recommendations from its 2014 Civic Health Index.
  • Safe Streets presented its 2014 – 2017 strategic plan.
  • The Human Rights Commission presented recommendations.
  • Government Relations presented 2014 legislative actions
  • Neighborhood and Community Services presented information on the Courage initiative designed to raise community awareness of domestic violence issues
  • Childcare Aware presented information on initiatives related to Tacoma Public Schools and literacy in the Hilltop community.

At the its next meeting the committee will hear a presentation from the Citizen Review Panel.

Councilmember Boe had a lot to share this week. 

  • The 6th Ave Farmers' Market is every Tuesday afternoon
  • The Broadway Farmers' Market is every Thursday
  • The Proctor Farmers' Market is every Saturday morning
  • The South Tacoma Farmers' Market is every Sunday
  • The next Walk Tacoma event from Downtown On the Go is this Wednesday, June 18. Meet at 5:15 p.m. at Fireman's Park for the public art walk, followed by a social hour at the Forum.
  • The Knights of Pythias Lodge down on Broadway invites everyone to stop by while they're at the Farmers' Market for a tour of the historic lodge.
  • This weekend the Tacoma History Hike will be a history-themed scavenger hunt around downtown Tacoma.

Councilmember Campbell announced that the community cleanup for the Stewart, Spring Hill, and Mann neighborhoods will be this Saturday June 21 from 10 to 2. Campbell also invited everyone to stop by Tollefson Plaza this Saturday starting at 10 a.m. for Go Skate Tacoma, a celebration of skateboarding.

Councilmember Lonergan announced that the community cleanup for the East Wapato, Park Avenue, Baker, Birney, Hillside, and Pac West area will also be this Saturday from 10 to 2.



Council member Walker was absent from this week’s meeting. For more on the items on this week’s agenda see our City Business Preview for the week.

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