Tacoma City Council Meeting - May 20, 2014



Resolution No. 38908 A resolution setting Tuesday, June 3, 2014, at approximately 5:30 p.m., as the date for a public hearing by the City Council on the surplus and negotiated sale of approximately 13.06 acres of property located off Howe Road in Lewis County to Mr. David Filla in the amount of $160,515. [Gloria Fletcher, Senior Real Estate Officer; Ted Coates, Power Superintendent]

Resolution No. 38909 A resolution authorizing the execution of an Interlocal Agreement with the State of Washington, Department of Social and Health Services, for use of the radio communications building and tower located on McNeil Island for a period of five years in exchange for surplus radio communication equipment owned by the City. [Steve Taylor, Network and Communications Manager; Jack Kelanic, Director, Information Technology]


Ordinance No. 28224 An ordinance vacating a portion of the South Adams Street right-of-way north of previously vacated South 62nd Street for use in connection with an adjacent business. (HG Holdings, LLC; File No. 124.1340) [Phyllis Macleod, Hearing Examiner]

The consent agenda was adopted without Council comment, including the adoption of the resolutions.



Deputy Mayor Woodards proclaimed May 22, 2014 as Franke Tobey Jones Day in honor of the nine decades of services provided to seniors in Tacoma by the retirement home. Ms. Franke Tobey Jones donated the building nearly a century ago to be a retirement home. The home currently partners with the City to operate the Ruston Defiance Senior Center, which provides a "home away from home" for seniors in Tacoma.

Woodards also proclaimed May 2014 as Mental Health Month in recognition of the impact of the range of disruptive and often chronic medical conditions that fall under that category. One in four American adults experiences mental health issues in a given year. The passage of Tacoma's 0.1% mental health and chemical dependency sales tax supports services for those suffering from these problems.



No comment.




Resolution No. 38910 A resolution authorizing the execution of an amendment to the agreement with Pierce County Security, Inc., in the amount of $91,080, sales tax not applicable, to increase and extend the contract for an additional seven months for a cumulative total of $495,422.50, budgeted from the Municipal Building Operations Fund, to refine security guard duties pertaining to the Customer Support Center and the Public Access Safety and Security Initiative - Specification No. PW09-0130F. [Justin E. Davis, Interim Facilities Manager; Kurtis D. Kingsolver, P.E., Director, Public Works]

The resolution was adopted without Council comment.


Resolution No. 38911 A resolution authorizing the execution of an amendment to the agreement with American Custodial Inc., in the amount of $369,600, sales tax not applicable, to increase and extend the contract for an additional four-year period in one-year increments, for a cumulative total of $544,600, budgeted from the Municipal Building Operations Fund, for custodial services at the Tacoma Police Campus - Washington State Contract No. 00508. [Justin E. Davis, Interim Facilities Manager; Kurtis D. Kingsolver, P.E., Director, Public Works]




Ordinance No. 28223 An ordinance amending Chapter 12.13 of the Municipal Code, relating to Click! Network Cable TV Products, to increase rates for Click! Network cable television services, effective July 1, 2014. [Tenzin Gyaltsen, Click! General Manager; Ted Coates, Power Superintendent]

Council asked staff to help them to understand some of the cost-cutting efforts Click! undertook before coming to ratepayers. We haven’t seen the breakdown of what those efforts were, but Councilmember Mello described a summary of efforts to curtail costs. Staff also provided a break down of the causes for the requested increase. Of that 10% increase, about 4.7% was attributed to loss of revenue due to loss of cable customers, and the remainder was attributed to those increases in rates charged by content providers. Not exactly satisfactory answers, perhaps, but apparently good enough, because the ordinance passed.

Mello described the increase as “cost recovery,” for the revenue shortfall, pointing out that the alternative to a rate hike would be for TPU as a whole to absorb the cost, passing it along to all its customers. Councilmember Lonergan pointed out that although rates are increasing, Click! does keep Tacoma’s rates overall lower than surrounding areas without the Click! option.



Ordinance No. 28225 An ordinance adopting the amended Six-Year Comprehensive Transportation Improvement Program Amended 2013-2014 and 2015-2020. [Jennifer Kammerzell, Senior Engineer; Kurtis D. Kingsolver, P.E., Director, Public Works]

The RCW requires cities to update their comprehensive transportation programs annually. This year a project is being added to improve sidewalks on North Vassault. The City received a grant for the project, which will build a retaining wall and sidewalk, including bringing curb ramps and driveway cuts up to ADA standards. Construction for that project is expected this summer. The ordinance is scheduled for a final reading at the June 3 council meeting.



City Manager Broadnax reported that this year's City of Destiny Awards will honor local volunteers next Wednesday, May 28, from 6 to 9 p.m. at Cheney Stadium. 



Infrastructure, Planning, and Sustainability Committee – Councilmember Mello shared issues recently before the committee.

  • Heard an update on development of the Transportation Master Plan, including a proposed timeline and public involvement plan. Expect to see community outreach efforts beginning this summer.
  • Heard about the North Vassault sidewalk project, and recommended it for inclusion in Tacoma’s Comprehensive Transportation Improvements Program.
  • Heard from Office of Environmental Policy and Sustainability on various sustainability efforts including green roads policy, and the sustainable materials management plan, and green events program adopted at last week’s council meeting.
  • Heard about proposed 2014 amendments to Tacoma’s Comprehensive Plan. A public hearing will be held at the June 3 council meeting.
  • Learned about Public Works initiatives planned for the City’s on- and off-street parking, including license plate recognition, integrated pricing, facility maintenance, and residential parking program revisions.
  • Sound Transit presented on the Tacoma Link expansion, including a timeline, community outreach, and funding status.
  • Environmental Services and the Office of Environmental Policy and Sustainability provided information on state law that allows for free electric vehicle charging at public facilities. This issue will come back for further consideration later this year.

At the committee’s next meeting they will conduct interviews for vacancies on the Sustainable Tacoma Commission.

Councilmember Ibsen Announced that this Thursday the Weatherly Inn retirement community will host an event honoring State Senator Rosa Franklin.

Councilmember Boe reminded us that it’s still May, which means it’s still Bike Month, with plenty of events still to come.

  • Bike to a Better Tacoma - This Wednesday, May 21at the Hub Event space from 5 to 7. Join with fellow bicyclists and City staff members to learn more about hopes, visions and plans for a more bike-able Tacoma. Meet members of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Technical Advisory Group and get updates on implementation of the Mobility Master Plan. Ride your bike and take advantage of bike valet parking.
  • The Red Hot Pint Pedaler - Next Wednesday, May 28 follow a bike map to Tacoma’s craft breweries. Starts at 5 at The Red Hot
  • Downtown On the Go Bike Commuter Meet-Up & Pub Crawl - Friday, May 30 meet at the Harmon Hub at 5 p.m. and join other cyclists to enjoy a pint or two of the Harmon's exclusive Bike Tacoma beer on a tour of establishments that have it on tap.
  • Island Excursion Finale: Family Ride to Anderson Island - Finish Bike Month with an excursion to Anderson Island on Saturday, May 31. Meet at the Steilacoom ferry landing for a ferry ride over, and a guided five mile ride, with snack breaks and sight-seeing. Be sure to RSVP to sphelps@pierce.co.wa.us.

Historic Preservation Month continues as well, with its own events.

  • Walk Tacoma: UWT, Brewery District, Prairie Line Trail - Join the popular walk series this Wednesday, May 21. Meet at 5:15 at the 19th Street hillclimb for a walking tour of Tacoma's historic Brewery District led by a UWT architectural history professor, followed by a beer tasting at the Harmon.

The South Tacoma Farmers' Market kicks off its 2014 season on Sunday, June 1 at the STAR Center in South Tacoma.

You can catch Bye, Bye Birdie at the Tacoma Little Theater for the next two weekends.

Councilmember Walker reminded us of the meeting going on in Hilltop on Sound Transit plans for a future extension of Tacoma’s Light Rail. Walker also gave an update on the Hilltop Diversitree project, which she said is going strong, with trees being planted around the Safeway, funded by the $100,000 anonymous gift for up to 200 trees to be planted in the 12 to 15 block area. Median tree plantings are also planned for between South J and South Sheridan on South 11th.

Councilmember Campbell invited everyone to come out for the rededication of Ray C Roberts Memorial Park in the Lincoln District. The park has been cleaned up, and will be rededicated on Memorial Day, Monday, May 26 from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m.

Councilmember Lonergan reminded us that community clean ups continue, with the next one planned for Saturday, May 31, from 10 to 2 in the North End. Clean up rights of way, your own yard, and help out neighbors; drop off unwanted debris at Jefferson Park. 

Deputy Mayor Woodards reported that she had attended the annual United Way of Pierce County Community Celebration to accept the 2013 Campaign of the Year Award on behalf of the City of Tacoma. Woodards also congratulated Councilmember Mello and his partner Jerry, who got married over the weekend. Congratulations you two.

All City meetings planned for next Tuesday are cancelled following the Memorial Day holiday. The next council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 3.

Mayor Strickland and Councilmember Thoms were absent from this week’s meeting.



For more on the items on this week’s agenda see our City Business Preview for the week.

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