Tacoma City Council- Oct. 9, 2007

Tonight’s City Council meeting centered on the conflicting resolutions presented by Councilmembers Stenger and Anderson about Proposition 1. The public comment period accommodated many citizen statements. With only a few passionate dissenting voices, the citizen voice was in favor of Proposition 1.

As the Council began to consider Resolution 37297- in support of Proposition 1- it became apparent there is a discord between members of the council. Councilmember Stenger made a strenuous argument against this resolution and Proposition 1. He decried the media coverage of the ballot issue as being too personality based and felt that the proposition did not give Tacoma residents a fair share of the benefits. Councilmember Lonergan restated his past request for the measure to be withdrawn and stated he would abstain from voting. All other members of the council took turns explaining their reasons for supporting the measure.

The Resolution 37297, to support Proposition 1 passed, and Resolution 37298 was removed from the agenda. How do you feel about Proposition 1? Is it a visionary, comprehensive plan? Or another tax increase that will benefit King County more than us?

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