Tacoma Playing Cards: The Red Deck

Tacoma came out in full force to support the Tacoma Makes Kickstarter for playing cards last year, and we love our oh-so-collectible deck of blue cards decorated with original artwork from local artists.  But wait, now there’s going to be a second deck - a red deck.

The Kickstarter last year was so successful that Tacoma Makes was not only able to produce the original run of # decks, they raised enough to produce # additional decks for sale.  The sale of those blue decks has also been a success, raising enough funds to create a second deck with all new artwork from new artists of new Tacoma locations, icons, and stories.  

The 14 artists invited to be a part of “The Red Deck” are already at work creating the artwork for the new deck, which will feature the same design (with some slight changes) on the box and the back of the cards, this time in red.  Tacoma artists participating include Rick Matthies, Sean Alexander, Karen Doten, Maria Jost, Chuck Knigge, Noah Struthers, Mary Mann, Jeremy Mangan, Stan Shaw, Marit Berg, Betty Ragan, Michaela Eaves, David Boe and Chandler O’Leary.  Chandler O’Leary is the designer of the playing card box and back of the cards as well as the only artist that also participated in the inaugural blue deck of cards.

Co-founders of Tacoma Makes Maija McKnight and Amy McBride are aiming to have the new deck of Tacoma Playing Cards ready some time this October, along with an exhibition and opening celebration to showcase the original artwork.  

So, if your favorite Tacoma locale, artist, or tale didn’t make it into the blue deck, you may still get to see it this time around.  Pre-sales of The Red Deck are available on the Tacoma Makes website, along with a limited pre-order of uncut sheets of the cards, pulled straight off the printing presses before it can be cut into a deck.  Some of the original artwork from the blue deck cards is still available.  Images of the new card artwork will be posted at www.tacomamakes.com and on the Facebook page as they are completed.

We loved the blue deck, and we’re looking forward to loving the red deck - and to seeing what Tacoma images will appear on its cards…  What would you like to see?

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Published Author RR AndersonRegistered

kings books
Tagro factory
never never land
historic post office
main library
Lincoln highschool statue
Lincoln hardware
creek restoration van
sonics guy
dirt alert truck

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blue deck artist meghan mitchell

seu mi sa buddhist temple
starlight swap meet
b & i
thunderbird bar/trading post
never never land
fort nisqually
11th st bridge
blueberry park (was this in the previous deck?)
wright park conservatory
the banh mi’s of tacoma or lincoln vietnamese district
woolworth windows


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King’s Books. Wayzgoose Steamroller. Atticus and Miko. sweet pea.

Link light rail.

Grand Cinema.

Original UWT building at 11th and A and Murray Morgan Bridge.

Tacoma Poet Laureate(s). William Kupinse. Antonio Edwards, Jr. Tammy Robacker. Josie Emmons Turner. Lucas Smiraldo.

Tacoma Public Library.

Ivan the Gorilla. B&I.

Seymour Botanical Observatory and/or plants within it. (Maria Jost?)

Trees of Wright Park. (Maria Jost?)

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I use to live in Tacoma for 5 years when I was i my teens I call it home things that I remember are

Mt Tahoma High School Totem Pole

Never Never Land
Ft Lewis/Ft Mccord
Pt Defiance Zoo
Antique Sandwich Co.
Ivan the Gorilla
starlight swap meet
Almond Roca Factory


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